What is Mosaic?

A Portrait of Early Learning

Mosaic is a quality practice tool for early childhood education that builds an electronic storybook of key learning moments through unique Learning Stories. Framed under the themes of Aistear, Educators compile unique Learning Stories using observations, photographs, videos and samples of children’s work – all in one practical and easy to operate App.

A complete set of templates for Daily Care, Observation, Assessment, Planning and Transition are incorporated into Mosaic, and provides all the tools Educators need to build a unique and meaningful portrait of children’s early learning and care within the early childhood setting.

Mosaic operates through two interlinked Apps – one for the early childhood service called ‘MOSAIC Educator’ and one for parents and family called ‘MOSAIC Family’. The interconnected Mosaic Family App enables parents and nominated family members to receive these precious updates in real time and to communicate efficiently with the early childhood service.

Benefits of Mosaic

Mosaic will benefit Children, Parents, Educators and the Early Childhood Service through

The Mosaic Attendance Register records

What Educator Tools will I find in Mosaic?

What's in mosaic


Enable communications between the early childhood service and parents.

Learning Stories

Observations of children’s learning and development.

Videos and Pictures

Images of children’s achievements and progress.

Daily Care Log

A record of care and learning for babies and toddlers.

Transition Report

Information sharing for moving to the next level.

Achievements So Far

An overview of Aistear learning goals achieved so far.

Parents’ Section

Mosaic operates through two interlinked Apps – one for the early childhood service called ‘MOSAIC Educator’ and one for parents and family called ‘MOSAIC Family’. Mosaic Educator enables Educators to document children’s learning and development through a uniquely designed Storybook of learning achievements, skills updates, samples of children’s work, photographs and videos. Educators working with your child use Mosaic to regularly observe your child during play, tune in to his/her interests and abilities and plan further activities to strengthen learning and development.

The interconnected Mosaic Family App enables parents and nominated family members to receive these precious updates in real time and to communicate efficiently with the early childhood service. Educators will regularly compile a variety of updates called ‘Learning Stories’ for your child’s unique Storybook and send them directly to your phone or tablet! You will be able to save these documents, share them with other family members and use them to celebrate your child’s achievements as they happen at home!

Once your child starts the early childhood service, the service Manager will make a Storybook for your child on the Mosaic platform. This Storybook is for your child only and is accessible by the Manager and Educators working directly with your child. Regardless of how many children you have attending the early childhood service, the price is the same to view the Storybooks of multiple children in the same service.

You can then access your child/rens individual Storybook(s) by subscribing to the MOSAIC Family App for either Android or iOS devices.

Family members using non-Irish phone networks can be added to your package by selecting the appropriate country code by the key parent.

different package options



one user to view multiple children in from the one family



3 family members to view multiple children from the one family

Family Pro


up to 8 members to view multiple children from the one family

Our Team

team Image
Lead Consultant

Avril has dedicated her working life to early childhood care and education and possesses a diverse skill-set consisting of practical, academic and policy experience and expertise. She has a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of the early childhood sector in Ireland from a variety of perspectives accumulated over the years.

Avril is an accomplished and respected expert in the field of early childhood care and education. She has consistently promoted a professional quality agenda for early childhood as a core component of her work over the years. The legacy of her work and being at the forefront of a range of pioneering initiatives to enhance early childhood education locally, regionally and nationally; is well evidenced.

Over the years, Avril has made an active contribution to early childhood policy development and is a frequent contributor to local, regional and national media on early education policy and practice. Avril is currently a nominee of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs on the Council of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

Avril who lives in Inis Eoghain, holds an MEd from Queens Graduate School of Education and a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies from Queens University Belfast.

Avril founded Meantóir: Professional Supports for Early Childhood Education in January 2019. Since its inception, Meantóir has been going from strength to strength offering an extensive package of supports across Ireland. This includes mentoring, educator training and business supports. MOSAIC is another exciting development to come from Meantóir.

Conall is a dedicated results-driven individual with a successful background in coaching, training, management and people development. Having worked in Financial Advice, Quality Assurance and as a Training Specialist, he excels in developing people. Conall has a specific interest in organisational change management. He brings with him a focus on designing efficient operational processes and creating an environment to help employees succeed and for the business to reach its development goals.

Over the past 12 years, Conall has worked as a Financial Consultant, Coach and Training Specialist. Most recently, he has worked on a major organisational change project where his role was to create a training programme for line managers. He also works with youth services, has a key interest in sport and men’s mental health and is a First Aid and Cardiac FR Instructor. Conall holds third level qualifications in a variety of areas including Business and ICT, Management Coaching, Learning and Development and Youth Work.

Conall brings to Meantóir a high level of interpersonal, management and technical skills and experience. Conall has extensive experience of using IT Learning Management Systems and his passion for continuing professional development is fuelled by his background in coaching people as well as having an interest in helping others succeed. Conall has extensive experience in delivering learning through classroom/virtual classroom approaches, facilitating learning in group environments and webinars.

He also has a passion for raising money for charity and have organised and taken part in numerous charity functions for Cancer Care West, Foyle Hospice, Men’s Mental Health and a range of children’s charity appeals. In his personal time Conall enjoys spending time with his young family, travelling and playing sport with friends.

We are delighted to welcome Conall to Meantóir and look forward to seeing the direction he will take in bringing Mosaic to the national market and contributing to Meantóir’s growing CPD services and supports.

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Mosaic Project Manager

Mosaic Service Packages and Costs for Early Childhood Services

Mosaic Platform Package # of STORYBOOKS (individual child platform with all templates) Annual subscription fee (exc. VAT) *Sep 2021
+5 Add On - remember this add on will expire on 13th July : 5 storybooks €50
Package 1 : 10 storybooks €100
Package 2 : 25 storybooks €220
Package 3 : 50 storybooks €350
Package 4 : 75 storybooks €450
Package 5 : 100 storybooks €500
Medium Service Package : 35 storybooks €280
1 STORYBOOK : 1 storybooks €10
Small Service Package : 18 storybooks €171

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